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The Patients We Serve

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In 2013, HealthPoint provided nearly _____  patient visits.  Approximately ___ percent of those patients were children and young people under the age of ___.   HealthPoint also meets the health care needs of pregnant women, seniors, working families, those with chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma, and many others who have difficulty finding access to health care.

Some of HealthPoint's patients have public insurance (Medicaid, CHIP, etc.), but are unable to find a primary care doctor who will see them.  ____ percent are underinsured or have no health insurance at all. Many of the uninsured are hardworking families that simply can’t afford coverage; in Texas 79 percent of uninsured adults work or have at least one working family member. Through HealthPoint these hardworking Texans can obtain healthcare services that improve their lives and reduce their overall healthcare costs.